2019 Wilderness Drop Camp Information    
$1800 per Hunter  
Ripple Creek Lodge’s drop camps are located deep into the White River National Forest and the Flat Tops Wilderness Area of northwest Colorado. Tremendous Elk habitat surrounds the camp site allowing hunters the opportunity to hunt directly from the tent without the need for horses or miles of hiking. Camps can accommodate 2 to 8 hunters and offer a comfortable base in the remote backcountry during your hunt.  Each camp contains two tents, with one in place to house the cooking facilities while the other will be set and furnished as the sleep tent.  
Ripple Creek’s drop camps are set in their permitted area prior to your arrival and will include the following equipment;
Cooking Pots and Pans
Paper Goods
First Aid Kit
Water Carrying Container
Toilet Seat 
All of Ripple Creek Lodge’s drop camp sites are located next to a water source. Most of these water sources are small springs and produce good water. It is the hunter responsibility to purify the water for safe consumption. All of the heating, lighting and cooking equipment is fueled by propane for camp comfort and also eliminates the need for a campfire or wood burning stove. This extra step allows hunters to stay in a clean. quite and low impact camp in the center of Elk country.  
When you arrive at the Lodge, staff will help organize your gear for the pack in, discuss the basics of riding, fit you to a horse and saddle, discuss legal and ethical hunting regulations and explain proper Wilderness Area camp use. This procedure usually takes an hour or more too complete so it’s important to arrive a couple of hours prior to your “pack-in time”. It is also important to schedule a “pack-in time” at least 1 to 2 days before the season starts. There is no extra charge for time in camp before or after the hunting season.
Since Ripple Creek Lodge's drop camps are packed in via horse, weight consideration is a very important part of your pre-trip planning.
All hunters will only be allowed to take to camp;
1 bag (weight not to exceed 35 lbs.)
1 small day pack (to be carried with you, on your horse)
Sleeping bag
A good way to achieve these weight requirements is to pack with your entire hunting party and make sure that the camp is not doubling up on items that can be shared.                           
Colorado wilderness weather is very extreme during the fall months. We often see the lows well below freezing at night and mid 50’s to 60’s during the day time. It is essential to be prepared for all temperatures and moisture conditions. Layering warm waterproof clothing is the best way to accomplish this. Dress with a thermal base layer, followed with a light weight t-shirt, then a warm hoodie or sweatshirt and covered with an insulated waterproof shell.