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The 2018 Colorado Big Game Regulations are not available.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the new licensing system


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The Colorado Big Game application deadline for limited licenses is Tuesday, April 4th.


The new Big Game brochure it out!!

If you need any help in deciphering the application process, please give us a call

We're open for the winter

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We offer ski in and out cabin rentals, meals and dog sled tours.

The Pass is open for the 2016 season!!!



Are you ready for your 2016 summer vacation?

Ripple Creek Lodge Is

We'll be open for the 2016 season beginning Friday, May 13th

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The 2016 Big Game Brochure is out!!!!

Application deadline is Tuesday, April 5th

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The Ice is Off!!!

Be one of the first anglers to present your fly or lure to the historic Trappers Lake Cutthroat this 2015 season. Book your cabin now for this outstanding time of year to fish the Wilderness.

Opening for the 2015 Season

Ripple Creek Lodge will be opening for the 2015 season on Friday, May 15th. Don't miss the chance to catch monster trout at ice off. You can book your cabin online or give us a call. Be sure to be in the Flat Tops during this epic fishing event


2015 Colorado Big Game Regulations are out!!!


New Regulations are coming

Here are a few of the changes to the big game regulations that will effect hunting at Ripple Creek Lodge

DENVER - The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission approved regulation changes that impact big game hunting in Colorado at its January meeting. These approvals are in addition to other regulation changes made in November. Commissioners received briefings on a variety of possible changes over the past several months and approved the following changes for the 2015 Big Game season:


  • Archers may now use lighted nocks on arrows, which can help aid in recovery of game animals. New rules are also in place that allow recording devices to be mounted on a bow.
  • Antler shed collection in the Eagle and Roaring Fork Valleys now has restrictions in place for collecting sheds at certain times of the year. This helps minimize disturbance of animals on their winter range.
  • The draw is now regulated so youths get at least 15 percent of the limited licenses in every game management unit for antlerless pronghorn, antlerless and either-sex deer and antlerless elk for all methods of take and seasons, including early and late rifle seasons.
  • Additional elk hunts are now available in game management units 128 and 61, to help aid in the quality of hunts, better manage the elk population east of I-25, and address landowner concerns.
  • Additional deer hunts are now available in GMU 65, 41, 55, 551, 201, 103 and 109.
  • Pronghorn muzzleloader season has been moved to Sept. 21-29.
  • Area restrictions are now in place for moose hunters in GMU 20 and 29. The restriction is a quarter mile that extends out from the high water mark of Brainard Lake until the U.S. Forest Service gate closes, (at or near Oct. 12). Once the gate closes, the closure is lifted.
  • Additional moose licenses are now available in GMU 38. Hunters can also now choose between a license for GMUs 7, 8, and 191 or a license for 191 only.
  • Bear season has been expanded if the hunter purchases an elk or deer license in a matching GMU.

Winter Time In The Flat Tops

The winter is a great time to plan for your 2015 adventure season. Whether it's your summer family vacation, an epic wilderness pack trip or a fall Elk hunt into the famous Flat Tops, the winter is perfect to iron out the dates and details for the upcoming experience. Contact us at anytime to help with you 2015 plans.


General Season and Left-Over Licenses go on sale August 5th at 9:00am

Don't miss your opportunity to hunt Colorado Big Game this fall. 

Left-Over License List

Wilderness Trail Rides

Come up and bring the kids to experience the best of Colorado's backcountry with a wilderness trailride.


Help Us Celebrate 50 Years of Wilderness



The Flat Tops is where it all started. In 1919, when Arthur Carhart was requested by the Forest Service to survey  a site for a road and tracts for 100 summer homes around Trappers Lake he had a vision that would change the course of American history. Thanks to his vision we can all experience the backcountry of Colorado and the rest of the nation the way it had always been. To mark this historic event we're having some of our own. Get into the wilderness this summer.



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Ripple Creek Lodge will be open for the 2014 season May 22nd. Book your cabin Here and spend your holiday in the Flat Tops.

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Your big game applications are due April 1st



Wilderness 50th

Help Ripple Creek Lodge celebrate 50 years of Wilderness this summer. Come up and enjoy the place it all started. Details to come.

A look back at the summer of 2013


Seasons are changing

The Aspens are turning gold and the Moose and Elk are in full rut. What a great time of year in the Flat Tops Wilderness.